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Professional Vocalists and Choirs. Bela D Media One is an ongoing project with more products released over time.



Specially design wav files from our most popular products. An ongoing project with more products released over time.


Video Review

Martin Heidenreich Music

Martin Heidenreich Music provides a deeper look into the quality and usability of our $10 audition concept. Martin Heidenreich, is a well known media composer, living in Italy and he covers many of today's top sample libraries. Please be sure to watch and subscribe!

With synthetic voice engines still not fooling anyone’s ear, the best bet for vocals generated within your DAW is still multi-sampling notes and phrases sung by a professional singer. Diva Revamp from Bela D Media does just that, with a library of beautiful phrases sung by two classically trained sopranos.

Music Tech

Never have I heard as much emotion from a choir that I wasn’t conducting live myself.

Sound On Sound Magazine

In all seriousness, one of the best qualities about Phantom Voice and V Alto Choir is that when put into a mix, I was able to really notice my choir parts without having to crank them up too loud and compete with other sonic frequencies of the mix.

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